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Opening ceremony – by UKS Irina gymnastics

First of all – thank you very much, guests! For your presence, your time and the great pleasure of watching your performances!

3 days of competition of the world’s best gymnasts who came to the Irina Cup from 20 countries behind us… During these 3 days we had – as every year – a great pleasure to participate in the largest and most famous rhythmic gymnastics competitions in Poland. It’s time for a short summary of this great sporting event.

As every year, the competition was held in two basic categories: the competition of FIG competitors (and thus the world’s top gymnasts who won the license of the International Gymnastics Federation) and non-FIG competitors. In total, about 200 gymnasts performed.

With great satisfaction and pleasure we can announce that our representative (unfortunately the only one representing Poland at these competitions) in the FIG (junior) category – Olivia Maslov, UKS Irina – won the gold medal in the all-around (and two gold medals and two bronze medals in the finals of the apparatus) . Huge congratulations – Olivka is making great progress from tournament to tournament! We are sure that Olivia Maslov’s performances will give us a lot of joy in the future and she will proudly represent Poland.

Discussing the results of the competition – it is impossible not to express the words of appreciation for the Italian team! 3 top places among the seniors… A huge impression on the viewers (and of course the judges) was made by the presentations of routines performed by the extremely talented Viola Sella.

Here are the results of the FIG competition for juniors and seniors:

International tournament Irina cup 2023 🇵🇱
Senior and Junior results
1. Viola Sella (Italy) – 114,800
2. Georgia Galli (Italy) – 113.400
3. Gaia Pozzi (Italy) – 112.200
4. Mariami Kadzhaya (Georgia) – 108.950
5. Ilona Zeynalova (Azerbaijan) – 108,700
1. Olivia Maslow (Poland) -115,550
2. Sarantseva Anastasia (Uzbekistan) -114,800
3. Juraeva Lola (Uzbekistan) -109,050
4. Nikiforova Victoria (Uzbekistan) -108,300
5. Joanna S. Pertens (Estonia) -102,900
Full results of the competition can be found on the RELL.PL website: – click here!

The presence of special guests was a great distinction for this year’s edition of the Irina Cup. We were very pleased to welcome back to Warsaw Salome Pazhava – an outstanding Georgian gymnast, Olympian, participant of previous editions of our tournament – and this year for the first time as a coach!

Another great guest of the competition was Mr. Eryk Moers – who has been popularizing rhythmic gymnastics for years, tracking and supporting new, young talents. Mr. E. Moers is also a very well known and widely respected figure in the rhythmic gymnastics world due to his active involvement in fair-play issues (as an independent observer) and abuses in the rhythmic gymnastics world. His FB group “Ban unfair judging and corruption from Rhytmic Gymnastic” brings together almost 5,500 people: coaches, judges, activists, gymnasts, and many other people related to gymnastics … From May 1, 2023, a new initiative was launched under his direction – ” Imagym” – whose aim is to promote and protect rhythmic gymnastics: both competitors and coaches, in accordance with the regulations and resolutions of the FIG, and the ethical principles set out by the GEF (Gymnastic Ethics Foundation). This is a great initiative: because the fight for the purity of sport, but also the purity of intentions, proper management, proper relations in local sports federations – must be the basis for developing sport in the spirit of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympics. Baron de Coubertin emphasized that “participation is important in competition, not victory”, and ethics in sport should be present every day, after all, it is inscribed in its very idea. These ideas should be the basis for the operation of every sports federation.

The entire sports competition could be watched “live” – thanks to the RELL.PL company, the broadcast (in Full HD standard) was available all over the world. The results of the players were also published live on the RELL.PL website. We would like to thank the company for the professional service of the competition! And soon on our club channel on Youtube you will be able to watch the most interesting fragments of special performances performed by UKS Irina gymnasts, and decorations of competitors in all categories.

We would also like to thank Mr. Leszek Tomaszewski for the photographic documentation of the competition. Visit the website “Leszek Tomaszewski Photography” – to see hundreds of beautiful photos from the competition.

We would like to thank Mrs. Irina Lortkipanidze – for preparing such extraordinary gymnastic experience! These competitions do not exist without our Coach, and we would not have the pleasure to watch many guests – if it wasn’t for her direct invitation to clubs around the world, her recognition in the gymnastics world, not to mention the titanic work and commitment put into the organization of the competition.

Thank you all for this great gymnastics event… and see you next year!